A Comprehensive Guide to Using Forex Factory Free Tools to Your Advantage

Are you throwing away free money?

If you’re not using all the helpful, free tools that Forex Factory has to offer, you might as well be using your on the path of self-sabotage.

That’s how big a difference Forex Factory’s free tools can make.

Don’t worry!

We’ve got the inside scoop on how to streamline your processes and make more with every trade.

You’ll Never Miss a Moment with Forex Factory’s Calendar

Want to make smarter, more successful and timely forex trades? Think you need to know what’s going on in the forex world?

Start with the free Forex Factory calendar.

It’s a customizable Forex Factory news calendar that lets you opt-in to alerts and analysis about employment, bonds, Central Bank, inflation, growth, and much more.

Tell the calendar what time zone you’re in, what topics you want to see, and you’re ready to go!

There’s an easy calendar interface ready for use at, and you can choose to view the news calendar by day, month, week, or year.

Check all the boxes for types of news. You may think you want to filter out areas of lesser interest, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Less is not more in the forex news world, and you never want to be out of the know.

Know Your Place

You should always be aware of your trading position, especially if you are a short-term trader.

That’s where the “Market” tab comes in. This section of will enable you to follow any trading pair, even if you’re at the office or at home. You can even utilize this service without needing a login or Forex Factory account.

If you keep scrolling down the page, you’ll also find a slider that showcases which trading session(s) around the world are open, in real time. You’ll never have to set your watch to Sydney, Tokyo, New York, or London time again.

You can also add indicators to any trading pair you’re following. Just click on the word “indicators” in the top right above the chart.

Go for Broke(r)

Another fantastic free service that Forex Factory offers is an aid in the selection of brokers whose services you might want to use.

Eliminate your headaches with this easy comparison tool, and learn more about which brokers are regulated in countries you desire, their available platforms, and what languages you can trade in. Having a broker that works for you is crucial to your forex success.

Trades Tab

The trades tab is useful like the market tab but helps you keep tabs on others instead of yourself. You can see the monthly and yearly returns on the Leaderboard and know where the heavy hitters in the forex game stand.

If you’re interested in following long-term traders or analyzing trading strategies and trends, this is the tab for you.

Learn Even More

At RedHotFX, we work hard to make sure you have all the tools necessary to trade forex intelligently and with ease. We love what Forex Factory offers, but there’s a whole world out of forex knowledge out there, and it’s yours for the taking. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and read our blog. Plus, we’ve got the best of free signals here.

This article was written by our in-house forex traders with a combined 20+ years of experience in trading the financial markets.