Is a Forex Signal Service Right for You?

If someone was offering to help make you rich, would you turn them down?

It sounds like an easy question: who wouldn’t want help, right? But for forex traders, whether to use a forex signal service is a pretty big question.

Are they worth your time? Will they make you money? Keep reading to discover whether a forex signal service is right for you!

What Is a Forex Signal Service?

Obviously, successful forex trading is all about making trades quickly when an opportunity presents itself. And a signal service is a way to automate this process for maximum speed.

Basically, the forex signal provider can open or close trades automatically based on certain signals, or you can manually do that by sending an e-mail or a text. But whether or not this makes you money all comes down to who your signal provider is.

Keep reading to discover some pros and cons of using a forex signal service!

Cons of Using a Forex Signals Service

Arguably, the biggest draw of using forex signals is that it gives you an advantage (more on this later) by giving you info from other people. However, that can also be a drawback as well.

Relying exclusively on forex signals means you are always “settling” for secondhand information. And you may never develop the quality instincts that it takes to see trading trends developing in real time and pounce on them for maximum profit.

Similarly, relying on forex signals means that you may never develop your own unique trading style. All of the most successful traders ultimately developed a buying and selling style that matched their personality, schedule, and so on. Relying on forex signals means you go the other way, and have to adapt to someone else’s style, personality, and schedule.

Pros of Using a Forex Signals Service

One of the biggest benefits of a forex signals service is that it makes forex trading easier for beginners. No one wants to risk a ton of money on something they don’t know how to use: forex signals lets you do smaller trades early on so that you can get the hang of it.

There is also the ability to customize how you use your forex signals. While veteran traders may insist on doing everything the hard way to develop your own style, the truth is that good signal providers offer enough custom options that it can easily accommodate your individual style.

So Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, it’s definitely worth trying out a forex signals service. You have a lot more to gain than to lose.

You can risk as little as you want to get used to the signals service, and you can “shop around” to find a service that you want. And you can stop using signals any time you want–there’s no real commitment involved!

The Bottom Line

You know what a good forex signal service can do for you. But do you know how to find a good one?

At RedHotFX, we specialize in helping traders find the best free signal services online. To see how we can boost your bottom line, come get started today!

This article was written by our in-house forex traders with a combined 20+ years of experience in trading the financial markets.